The Aotea Centre - an 80V Case Study


Located in Auckland New Zealand, and opened to the public in 1989 with an initial Selecon luminaire fit out of several hundred luminaires the ASB Theatre, Aotea Centre, THE EDGE® is Auckland's premier theatre in the central arts precinct.

The tiered auditorium seats 2256 people and is in high demand for a wide variety of events such as traditional performances, seminars, award ceremonies, large corporate functions and events and keynote presentations.

80V 1200W

In 2003, after fourteen years of continuous service 72x Selecon Arena 2kW Zoomspots on the FOH Lighting Bridges were replaced with Pacific 5.5°-13° Zoomspots, each one fitted with (and again, the first ever sale of) the original 80V 1200W Power Supply.

The high efficiency of the 80V 1200W Power System ensured a comparable light output level was achieved.

The higher colour temperature ensured a whiter beam, further increasing the apparent brightness.

Potential energy savings were calculated, and in theory were very substantial.


Power Consumption

Unlike other applications, theatre lighting is highly dynamic, and the use of luminaires varies from performance to performance. To cater for this, the venue records the power usage on a daily basis in the theatre. Each part of the theatre has its own meter, including the main stage dimmers.

Records of the meter readings are archived, so an historical picture of the power consumption of the venue can be created easily. The 80V 1200W luminaires were installed in September 2003. To allow for the variation of use, a six month period was chosen for comparison.

The consumption was calculated for the period of September 2003 - February 2003.
This was then matched to the same period for the previous year : September 2002 - February 2003. This period was chosen as the use of the venue remains fairly constant from year to year.


The calculated savings for the power consumption over the measured period was 21.50%. This figure does not include any savings from the reduced air conditioning load. There is a substantial reduction in heat output from the new luminaires.

Main Stage Lighting Power Consumption graph: