Irish Arts Center in New York

30 October 2008,


Founded in 1972, the Irish Arts Center is the leading non-profit institution in Midtown New York bringing the very best of Irish arts and culture to audiences of all ages and ethnic backgrounds. Located in the heart of Manhattan's historic "Hell's Kitchen", the Irish Arts Center is one of the largest and most inclusive Irish cultural organizations in the United States.

Recently, Selecon's Scott Church (above, left) met with the Center's resident lighting designer /programmer Ethan Kaplan* (above, holding Axial) and his crew as they loaded their new Selecon lighting package of 24x Acclaim Axial 24-44 Zoomspots and 18x Rama 6" Fresnels into the 99-seat Donaghy Theatre. All fixtures supplied by PRG New York.

Ethan had this to say on his new Acclaim Axial Zoomspots,

"I can't stress enough the flexibility and convenience of having a grid full of affordable variable zoom ellipsoidals and they bench really fast! Also, the small gel slots on these units will save my department hundreds of dollars on color over the next few years."

*Ethan Kaplan is a lighting designer and automated lighting programmer based in New York City; as well as being Resident LD for the IAC Ethan is also the resident lighting designer at Le Poisson Rouge in Greenwich Village. He has lit a variety of live music performances ranging from classical composer Max Richter to hip-hop virtuoso Mos Def, and has traveled around the country as an assistant lighting designer and programmer for theatre and television. Ethan has a BFA in Lighting Design University School of Theatre Arts