Selecon Fixtures with BakPak Dimmers prove the perfect combination for the Grand Center in MO

13 October 2008,

Grand Center, Inc. is a Non-profit organization that is in place to help foster the arts. Located in an arts district on Grand Blvd next to St. Louis University it operates several small theatres and is responsible for festivals, such as the New Year’s Eve celebration for the city of St. Louis, as well as many other events.

The Kranzberg Arts Center, located in the Big Brothers and Big Sisters Building houses an organization called Craft Alliance and two small theatre spaces that are operated by Grand Center; one a 110-seat Black Box and the other an 80-seat Studio space for cabarets, film festivals, and other use.

The original design specifications for the two spaces called for a mixture of ellipsoidals, Fresnels and Par Cans from various manufacturers. Nick Uhlmansiek, a St. Louis area designer and experienced theatre tech as well as a long time friend of the Grand Center organization, got his hands on the spec and decided right away try to make some changes.

Working for Cine Services, Inc. at the time he brought in the Kathryn Ballard and Merrellgrand_center_2 Wiegraffe of Grand Center to look at the Selecon range of fixtures and a Marquee Lighting Console. They were impressed but they were in need of further testing. With plenty of support from Scott Church at Selecon USA and the help of Mark Wilson of SLU and John Armstrong of HotCity Theatre the people of Grand Center, Inc. were able to see the fixtures working in a space that was very comparable to their own.

As a result of this demonstration Grand Center, Inc. decided on a Selecon-only fixture package for the two spaces consisting of 18x Acclaim Fresnels , 24x Rama 6” Fresnels and 32x Acclaim Axial 24°-44° Zoomspots which was promptly supplied by Cine Services.

This fixture package is complimented by a Marquee Pc for the Studio space, a Marquee Console in the Black Box and 78 Bak Pak 1200W Dimmers making for a usable and truly versatile space.

“In my opinion there is no finer combination than Selecon and Entertainment Technologies! The Selecon fixtures with their smooth lenses and safety feature combined with the ease of use that the Bak Paks and Marquee provide make the two spaces very friendly to the people renting them.” - Nick Uhlmansiek, Theatre Operations Manager, Kranzberg Arts Center, USA (as from August 4th 2008).