Colour Filter Use in the Wing Range

The Wing Wall Washer Flood range is designed for use with either theatrical plastic colour filters (available from Rosco; Lee; Apollo etc) for short term applications or coloured glass for permanent installations.

Barndoor / Colour Frame

The barndoor accessory incorporates a colour frame or it is available as a separate colour frame only. The frame is in two parts, the base frame and the clamp frame which is reversible to hold the plastic film or glass - up to 3mm thick.

Plastic filter application Colour / U.V. glass application

Plastic Filters

Please note theatrical filters are available in different base materials (polyester, polycarbonate etc) which will offer different life hours. As a guide we have operated three Wing Tungsten Halogen units fitted with Osram 230w IRC and Rosco Supergel 85 Deep Blue for sixty (60)hrs without any significant deterioration.

Filter cut size: 182 mm x 147 mm

Coloured Glass

This can be up to 3mm thick and should be manufactured in at least three strips to minimise heat stress. Suppliers include - F.J. Grey - USA; Instrument Glass - U.K.;

Glass filter size: 182 mm x 147 mm

Note: due to the divergent flood beam dichroic filters will throw secondary colours at the edges of the beam.

November 2008.