Recessed Aureols combine theatrical functionality with discretion for Baxter Healthcare lobby project

Michael Stiller Design specializes in the integration of lighting with media-based display systems to create architectural and theatrical environments that are at once engaging and informative. Their expertise in creating ‘rooms that move' made them the perfect choice as lighting consultants in the redesign of the Baxter Healthcare corporate lobby in Deerfield, IL.

The lobby was to be recast as the campus' main reception centre, complete with a museum-style exhibit space to give visitors an overview of the company's history and to showcase its achievements.

The installation included futuristic architectural flourishes, interactive media, and many types of graphic displays; and the need for inconspicuous, controllable lighting was clear to Michael Stiller, Principal Lighting Designer for the project.

"I knew the challenge would be to find fixtures with good theatrical functionality while keeping the installation architecturally discreet. I wanted to use framing projectors to highlight the interactive elements of the exhibit, and to project patterns that could compete with a bright, daylit environment." Aureol Recessed BeamShaper for minimal intrusion into the architectural space

Michael felt that the Selecon Aureol Recessed BeamShaper fixtures delivered "superior performance comparable to other MR16 framing projectors, and the fact that it was available in a fully recessed model made the choice easy."

45 were selected for general accents and to create a template wash for the floor surrounding a sculptural globe. The sculpture, prominently placed at the entrance to the inner lobby, created a departure point for the installation; and a template was created to match the etched, backlit pattern on the globe, which was meant to represent the interconnected, atomic structure of the company.

"Having this imagery carry through into the space made it appear as if the pattern of light was coming from the globe itself. It created a great contextual frame for the sculpture, and it was something the end client hadn't even imagined."

"On paper the Aureol Recessed BeamShaper was the best recessed framing projector available. The functionality of a theatrical ellipsoidal in the form of a recessed architectural fixture makes the Beamshaper a truly versatile lighting tool."




Client Baxter Healthcare
Principal Lighting Designer Michael Stiller

Products used

45 x Aureol Recessed 26°-50° BeamShaper

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