Astrals, Aureols and Australians





Located overlooking Lake Burley Griffin in Canberra is the National Gallery of Australia, painted in bright greens, yellows and reds and filled with the iconic and quirky, the trivial and the profound. This major project demonstrates the unique contribution that Selecon luminaires can make to fulfilling the exacting demands of lighting today's new Museums.

All of the displays within the NMA are lit with Selecon luminaires - over 600 Astral Fresnels, PCs, Wall Washers and Condensers, all in a sophisticated chrome finish along with Pacifics, Acclaims, 1200s, Accents, Auroras and 300 Aureol Luminaires grace everything from champion racehorse Phar Lap's enormous heart in a jar, a chunk of rabbit proof fence to explorer Charles Sturt's leatherbound telescope, bushwalker Jessie Luckman's boot and a tragically preserved corpse of a Tasmanian Tiger.

Project Leader for Vision Design Studio commented: "Selecon luminaires have played an important part in creating dramatic and inviting interior and exterior spaces. They have brought a sense of theatre to this landmark project, and enabled the lighting designers to achieve excellent results within some of the most challenging spaces in the country."




Client National Gallery of Australia
Specifiers Vision Design Studio
Selecon Dealer Sound Advice

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