Hi-Res Product Photos

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Selecon Display LED Profile

Fresco LED Wall Washer

PLFresnel-1 LED Luminaire

PLProfile-1 LED Luminaire

PLProfile4 LED Luminaire

Accent Beamspot and Beamshaper Range

PLCYC1 LED Luminaire

PLCYC2 LED Luminaire

PL1 High Performance LED Luminaire

Selecon Display Profile

Astral range - studio and display applications

Aureol range - studio and display applications

Wing Tungsten Halogen/Metal Halide Wall Washer range - studio and display applications

Wing LED Wall Washer range - studio, display and theatre applications

PL3 LED Wash Luminaire - theatrical applications

SPX range of Ellipsoidal Profiles - theatrical applications

 Rama range of Fresnels and PCs - theatrical applications

Acclaim range of Fresnels, PC, Axial and Standard Zoomspots - theatrical applications

Arena range of Fresnels, PC and Zoomspots - theatrical applications

Pacific range of Fixed Beam and Zoomspot Ellipsoidals

Hui / Lui ranges of Cyc, Flood and Groundrow - theatrical applications

Aurora range of Cyc, Floods and Groundrow - theatrical applications