Shrewsbury International School opts for Selecon

14 October 2008,

Shrewsbury International School is located in Bangkok, Thailand and although it is an independent school, it is closely affiliated to Shrewsbury School in the United Kingdom.

Overseen by its Board of Governors, the School reflects, replicates and achieves the high quality of education offered by its British sister school. Shrewsbury School was founded in 1552, and has for 450 years been synonymous with academic excellence and rigour, found both in the classroom and beyond for the proper fulfilment of the potential of its pupils. As an enthusiastic and proactive partner, it encourages exchanges, engages in cross-curricular development and builds meaningful bridges designed to bring considerable benefit to the young on both sides of the world.

In early January 2008, the Drama Department of the School proceeded with the plan to renovate and revamp the school's highly potential 585 seater - Khunying Sumanee Memorial Hall.

Mrs Vicki Green, Head of Drama and Khun V. Anand Pillai, Technical Manager of the Khunying Sumanee Memorial Hall carefully planned out the lighting requirements that would be needed for this crucial first phase of works.

"We have this vision of changing the space into a flexilable performance area, where we could do efficient lighting for regular School Assembly Shows and provide quality lighting for more demanding Drama, Musical Concerts and Contemporary Performances.

Choosing suitable and reliable lighting fixtures for our venue was the top priority, and as such we opted for the Selecon Pacific range of Zoom Profiles and Acclaim Fresnels to best suit our growing demands" - Khun V. Anand Pillai

In April 2008, Dynamic Source Co. Ltd, Thailand was contracted to do the main installation for the new wiring and dimmers, and to also supply the Selecon Pacific Zoomspot and Acclaim Fresnels.

The school is now in the planning stage for the next phase works.