Selecon Lens Luminaires


A WORLD LEADER in the design and manufacture of performance luminaires, Selecon Fresnels and PCs are used in theatres all over the world, including the Mariinsky Theatre, home of the famed Kirov Opera and Ballet in St. Petersburg, Russia; the Royal National Theatre in London; Maggie Walker High School, VA, USA; Mother Teresa Catholic Secondary School, ON, Canada; Fanshawe College Technical Theatre, ON, Canada; and Mountain View High School, CA, USA.

Rama 150 Fresnel"Without a doubt, the Rama is the best performing 6" Fresnel I've ever seen. It has the smoothest, most even field from center to edge of any Fresnel on the market, and I've worked with them all. I'm going to give my customer the best fixture for their money and the Rama Fresnel is my first choice."
John Burkley, President of Cine Services, St. Louis

What are lens luminaires?

Lens luminaires are incredibly versatile stage lights that use a simple optical system - a lamp with a spherical reflector moves in relation to a Fresnel lens or Plano Convex (PC) lens, varying the beam angle.

How a Fresnel lens works The FRESNEL lens is moulded with stepped rings, each a section of a plano convex surface, resulting in a soft-edged beam with some light scatter.

How a PC lens works The PC lens is also moulded and delivers a 'crisper' beam in a wider range of angles.
Reached a fork in the road? Have to make a decision?




Fresnel or PC?
The light beam of a Fresnel has a softer edge and ‘feel’ with more light scatter than the ‘crisper’ beam of a PC. the light beam of a Fresnel
The PC can be focused down to a narrow spot (approximately 4°) which is very useful for dramatic highlights when you want to pick out someone from the stage picture. The ‘cleaner’ (less scatter) cone of light from the PC allows its use from front of house positions, the favoured instrument in European theatres from the box booms or the side auditorium positions. the light beam of a PC

There are two general types of PC lenses, those with a rear ‘texture' moulded into the lens to break up any filament image in the beam and clear or partially clear lens which provide the most collimated beam but are subject to filament imaging depending on the lamp and lens quality.

Selecon provide a choice in the Rama 1.0/1.2kW range between a lightly textured rear lens used in the Rama PC 150mm (6") which slightly ‘softens' the light beam and the Rama PC 175mm (7") which uses our own designed lens featuring a light diffusion texture on the outer edge of the lens to provide a soft edge beam which is easy to blend while maintaining a high level of beam clarity from the central ground lens surface.

Around the world more theatres are using Fresnels than PCs in their lighting rigs but whether this is through habit (PCs got a bad name prior to the introduction of high heat handling lenses in the 70's due to the lens cracking, today in our experience this is almost unheard of) or through conscious preference we don't know.

We suggest you try them both before making your decision.



The beam angle YOU need at your fingertips.

A light beam adjustable from 4.5° - 60° in ONE UNIT.

IDEAL for use from over-stage lighting positions and side auditorium positions.

From stage wash to dramatic highlight / keylight, SIMPLY slide the focus knob.

the flexibility of a lens fixture beam

"The PCs available throughout the rest of the world offer many advantages as a theatrical fixture and deserve to be looked at here in the US."

US lighting designer Clifton Taylor refers to his choice of Selecon PCs for the 2003 Flamenco Festival, USA.

All Selecon Fresnels and PCs feature:

, with the lamp tray moving on teflon coated bearings. Smooth movement minimises the risk of premature lamp failure at focus time.
Selecon Cool Touch Technology

help make position adjustment during focusing fast and safe, and double as a cable wrap when stored.

Selecon automatic mains disconnection

makes relamping, cleaning and maintenance a breeze.Shape the beam

BEAM SHAPING using the 4-door barndoor accessory.


Selecon's RAMA range of Fresnels and PCs has many features including Fast Focus Technology (FFT) - full presetting of pan and tilt, ensuring rigging and focus sessions are fast and hassle-free, with no tools required for focusing! Click here for more information on these unique features.


3_year_warranty.gif3-Year Warranty

Selecon luminaires are quality lighting tools which you can rely on for trouble free operation for many years to come. Our confidence is reflected in our industry-leading three-year warranty for all theatre applications.lighting_for_all

Stage Lighting Tools for All

All Selecon luminaires feature automatic disconnection of the power supply when the body is opened for re-lamping - it is not possible to fit a new lamp into a live socket in any Selecon luminaire.

Click here for the Selecon safety statement.