High Definition Image Projection

A Standard Feature with every Selecon Zoomspot!

You can now go and pay a large amount of money to achieve reasonable pattern projection with some Fixed Beams…..!

Or you can use a Selecon Pacific Zoomspot and this capability comes as standard at no additional cost.

The additional lens employed in Zoomspots provides additional surfaces for the lens designer to manipulate to achieve the best control of the light beam. An attribute found with all Selecon Zoomspots since they were introduced in 1988. 

The superior projectorability, cool beam and flexibility and the beam angle that you desire at your fingertips are only three of the reasons why Selecon Zoomspots set the standard that others seek to emulate.

Left:  A Source 4* 36º high definition lens fixed beam.
Right:  A Pacific 23º–50º at a 36º angle.


*Source 4 is a Trademark of Electronic Theatre Controls
*ETC is a Trademark of Electronic Theatre Controls


The versatility of a Zoomspot, not restricted to 36º but adjustable as you require from 23º to 50º together with all the other well known advantages of the Pacific range.