Versatility the key to Selecon selection at the Casa da Musica

Casa Da Musica in Porto

The Casa da Musica was conceived in response to a project to celebrate Porto's reign as the 2001 European City of Culture, to be located on the site of the old electric-tram shed on the corner of Avenida da Boavista and the Rotonda da Boavista was officially opened in 2005.
The main space within the Casa da Musica is the Guilhermina Suggia Grand Auditorium, minimalist but with Baroque touches and equipped with over 100 Selecon luminaires, supplied by Lightset, Selecon's Portuguese distributor.

Plywood paneling has been used for the walls and ceilings and gold leaf has been applied by stencil to mimic the texture of wood.

This versatile and interactive building, designed by Rem Koolhaas's Office for Metropolitan Architecture, represents one of Portugal's most controversial projects but regardless of whether you love it or you hate it the fact remains that the city of Porto has a unique, concert hall.

This landmark is a lure for musicians and concert-goers inside who absorb the atmosphere and acoustics and skateboarders and footballers outside on the square who take advantage of the hewn, faceted edges that provide fun for them. 

Activities that bring a smile to the architect's face, proof that he has designed a building and surrounds that appeal to a wide cross-section of the public.