BP 1000W GAD 240V for GY9.5

For the Selecon Pacific range using the 1000W lamp module (Red Handle - 19PACLM1P).


bp1000 lamp_socket_gy95_gz95


All lamps are manufactured using a quartz envelope. This MUST NOT be touched directly with fingers / skin as the resulting oil deposit will adversely affect the even heat dissipation over the lamp surface. If inadvertently touched the lamp should be cleaned with a soft cloth and alcohol.

A couple of reasons for premature  failure of filament lamps:
1.  Vibration, knocks etc. - particularly when focusing. Handle luminaires with care - operate focus and lens movement systems slowly and smoothly.

2. Cold surge currents at turn on - Selecon strongly recommends that dimmers are used with all theatre and studio lamps.