Cool beam technology delivers a 'whiter' light; increased pattern and filter life

Precise, optical instruments

The Acclaim Axial 18°-34° Zoomspot is a compact high performance, cool beam ellipsoidal profile with the power and precise beam control necessary for front of stage lighting from auditorium positions and pattern image projections for the smaller to mid size stage. 


Product Update: December 2011 - Our Philips Selecon R&D team is renowned for constantly delivering on new product innovation and technology but they are also very conscious of the need for continuous improvement on our always reliable, workhorse luminaires. So, they have turned their attentions to the tried and proven Philips Selecon Acclaim Axial Zoomspot, made some engineering and operational improvements and VOILA! 

So, what's new and how can we improve on an already industry leading Philips Selecon Zoomspot?

  • Newly engineered plastic front with an enclosed accessory holder with locking flap.
  • New rear lamp module with improved flat and peak adjustment similar to SPX.
  • Compatible with the SPX rear cover, to prevent unwanted lamp adjustment.
  • New and improved shutter design and handle.

The 24°-44° lens system for shorter, over stage positions is interchangeable with the 18°-34° model, without the use of tools.

220-240V: 600W
120V: 575W

Why Zoomspots do more for you....

The key to the project's success is the careful use of lighting to complement the natural reflections from the lake. We knew from previous experience that Selecon lights would be ideal with their pure white light and cool running temperature.

Martin Palmer, Project Manager, Stagecraft, UK

Port Regis School, United Kingdom

The Selecon difference

Variable Zoom

Utilise the flexibility and versatility of the two interchangeable zoom optical ranges for required beam angle and focus.

Managing the Heat!

This cool beam ellipsoidal's heat management system uses hot mirror technology, reducing the heat in the beam to increase pattern and colour filter life.