Very smooth light beam which falls off evenly without visible high lights or shadows


 The Selecon Cyc and Flood ranges are high performance entertainment luminaires designed for entertainment and studio applications, they are not designed for continuous use as required for a work light or rehearsal light. For these applications please use our Hui Work Light or our Lui Work Light.


Colour frame size 305mm x 315mm
This allows for a two piece cut from a single, standard sheet of gel.
Cable length 2.4m
Accessories 4-door barndoor
Weight Single: 10.2kg
Certification CE
Important The Aurora Flood is designed for use with studio high performance short life lamps. Always operate to maximise airflow.

Performance Data


220V-240V in Lux
Tests conducted using a standard 1250W, 240V, 189mm P2/12 lamp.
120V in Footcandles
Tests conducted using a standard FFT Osram 1000W 120V linear lamp.

Recommended Lamps


Lamp socket :R7, 189mm tungsten halogen lamps
200hrs average life
200hrs average life
200hrs average life