For the Working Theatre

Robust construction withstands the rigours of the road.
Secure focus lock-off with our proven tilt lock clamp.
Re-lamp without removing the colour filter or breaking focus.

Models for all Applications

Single units plus 3-way and 4-way battens.
Available with multi-connectors, and options for in/out cable tails or in/out multi-connectors.
'Slot-lock' system joins single or multiple battens together.


    • Extruded aluminium reflectors ensure the precise specifications of the asymmetric shape and guaranteed performance from luminaire to luminaire.
    • Smooth, well-controlled beam.
    • Robust construction designed to withstand the most gruelling rental and production work.


    • Selecon's heat removal system, protects and maximises your colour filter life.


    • Make your own battens using the Lui slot lock joining system that allows a number of units to be ‘locked’ together.
    • Relamp without removing the filter or breaking focus.
    • Colour filter holder is held captive by a spring-hinged extruded cover that also blocks unwanted light spill.


    • Cabling/connector options – 3-way and 4-way linear battens are available with panel mount options to allow for multi connectors and ‘connect through’ wiring options. This ‘G’ batten model comes supplied with a double mounting plate containing 2 x 32mm cable glands and 2 x single blank mounting plates.


    • Automatic power disconnection via microswitch isolate the mains supply (both phase and neutral) when opening, preventing the insertion of a lamp into a live socket.
    • Safety glass ensures that in the unlikely event of a lamp exploding, the remains are held captive within the luminaire.

    Supplied with

Beacon Leisure Centre utilises multi-purpose luminaires

Selecon and Zero 88 join to light the TV set for new gameshow 'Divided'