Lifting stage and studio colour washes to new heights

The Hui Flood range provides a 90° flood beam with well-controlled edges and even distribution; ideal for lighting cycs and back cloths up to 5m high for permanent installations (G-multi connector / in-out wiring) or rental / production temporary installations.

The light beam can be shaped using the barndoor accessory.

Intense Colour Washes

The unique dual chamber airflow design uses a temperature differential and rapid airflow to quickly remove heat which maximises and extends the life of your colour filters.

The Selecon colour frame for the Hui, Lui and Aurora ranges gently clamps the plastic filter while holding the frame away from the luminaire body to reduce (-20°C) the transference of the heat from the luminaire into the frame and plastic filter.

Based on anecdotal evidence, this heat exhaust system together with the clamp filter holder delivers up to 50%-70% longer filter life compared to other open-faced cyc floods of comparative wattage.

More Light Where You Want It

You can count on consistent performance, control, shape and distribution from every Selecon Cyc or Flood.

This is guaranteed by the extruded aluminium reflector design which ensures the precise specification of the asymmetric shape from luminaire to luminaire in contrast to the often variable performance of reflectors made from formed sheet metal.

Calculating the Numbers









To calculate the number of luminaires required to achieve even coverage:
S=D x 0.9.

A Model for Every Venue

Available as a single unit, 3-way and 4-way battens. Standard models are supplied with separate silicone rubber cable tails, with protected entry and clamping glands. Available with multi-connectors, and options for in/out through cable tails or in/out multi-connectors.

Connector models are supplied fitted with a terminal box for your connector requirements.

220-240V: 200W - 800W
120V: 100W - 1000W

The Floods worked a treat and I was very impressed with every aspect of the unit - easy lamp access, colour frame access, lack of unwanted light spill, even coverage, intensity. I love to have the intensity of brightness/colour and even distribution at my disposal.
Even deep colours seemed to fill the cyc from top to bottom - most impressive. I shall certainly be specifying these units in the future.

Mark Dymock, Lighting Designer, United Kingdom

Six Hui Floods create stunning colour wash for "Man of La Mancha".

The Selecon difference

Deeper Colours which Last Longer!

Airflow design and clamp filter holder combine to maximise and extend your colour filter life.