Made to order. Traditional long throw 2.0/2.5kW profile

Typically used in medium to large venues for controlled illumination from auditorium and onstage positions.

The ellipsoidal optical system provides a high output beam with a centre peak, the light distribution can be adjusted between a flat (2:1) and peak (3:1+) field.

The Arena Zoomspot - Medium is a 'made to order' product so please check availability and lead times with your dealer or your Selecon market manager.

220V-240V only
2000W / 2500W

The Selecon difference

Variable Zoom

Utilise the flexibility and versatility of the two interchangeable zoom optical ranges for required beam angle and focus.

Choice of Lamp Sockets

Lamp socket options: G22 (2500W. 2000W) or GY16 (2000W).