Balanced, Stable, Adjustable

Adjustable yoke with platten ensures precision balance, stability and lock-off; adjustable front handle enables individual reach and comfort and adjustable iris diaphragm with black out and protective guard.  

Modular & Easy to Maintain

Compact, versatile, modular; light sources include mains voltage and 80V lower voltage tungsten halogen and 575W MSR.
Easy access for servicing/cleaning: slide-out iris; top panel slide access to lens; removable lamp module and wiring.

Active Heat Management System

Delivers a cool beam of light on stage, while directing the heat away from both the operator and components such as the lamp, wiring and cabling.
Benefits: cooler operational controls, reduced maintenance downtime and low cost of ownership benefits.


    • Beam angle range: 7.5°-19°.
    • Useful throw distances : 18-21m.
    • The Pacific's Active Heat Management System means operational controls such as the large rear grab handle and side handle remain cool to the touch; no gloves required even after hours of continuous use.
    • Ergonomic guide handles which position the hand for easy operation of the iris and colour changer. Front handle can be adjusted for operator comfort.
    • Choice of light sources to meet the throw requirements of most venues:
      - 600W TH, 220-240V - 1000 lux at 18.5m 
      - 800W TH, 220-240V - 1000 lux at 20m 
      - 1000W TH, 220-240V - 1000 lux at 20m 
      - 1200W 80V including electronic power supply, 220-240V - 1000 lux at 23m 
      - MSR HR 575W, flicker free operation, 90-240V - 1000 lux at 39m 


    • Mounting holes in yoke for MSR electronic ballast and 80V 1200W Power Supply.
    • Cool beam and all the operational advantages of Selecon's Pacific heat management technology.
    • Adjustable iris diaphragm with black out and protective guard.
    • Braced yoke and platten spigot ensures smooth operation of the followspot.
    • Adjustable yoke balance point to suit the operator's requirements.
    • No fans, other than that required for the MSR power supply for virtually silent operation.


    • Ease of maintenance - slide out iris; top panel slide access to lens; removable lamp module and wiring.

    Supplied with

    • Adjustable iris; front and rear guide handles; braced yoke; spigot and nylon washer designed for the stand (28mm diameter spigot / internal thread for 12mm bolt), single colour frame - a four-colour changer accessory is an optional extra.
    • Three-year Warranty.