Your choice of lens systems

Designed to meet both the longest and shortest throw distances and everywhere in between!

70W and 150W CDM lamps including 150-SA option for 50% greater light output than standard 150W lamps.

Hi-Def and DIY Images

Crisp “white” light with little or no distortion: ideal for high contrast pattern projection and precise beam shaping.
Low cost, convenient and simple to create DIY plastic image projections using overhead transparency film and selected light sources.


    • All the advantages of pattern projection and precise beam control.
    • Electronic ballast is able to be mounted to the luminaire yoke or remote.
    • The ballast box does not necessarily have to be mounted on a luminaire and in the case of a weather-proof enclosure it is recommended that the box be installed in the coolest part of the enclosure (remembering that the CDM 150W does not generate a lot of heat).
    • Ideally the internal components of the ballast box should remain below 85°C for a copper wound ballast and 80°C for the electronic ballast.
    • Large range of beam angles with choice of the 5.5°-13° VNZ, 12°-28°, 14°-35°, 23°- 50° and 45°-75° Zoomspots; and the 5° High Efficiency, 20°, 30°, 40°, 50° and 90° Fixed Beam angles.
    • Two pattern projection slots allow for precise projection of standard and custom designed patterns.


    • The four shaping shutters accurately shape the beam while the 360° rotatable lens barrel ensures that the exact shutter cut you require is achievable.
    • The rotatable gobo holder allows for quick and easy image alignment.
    • Full control of the light distribution in the beam from a true peak to flat field.
    • Adjustment is simple, fast, safe and cool!


    • Large rear grab handle, accessory safety anchor points are only some of the many operational features of the Pacific range.


    • SAFE to use, cool operating controls; automatic disconnection of the mains supply before relamping.
    • CE marked.


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