MSR Power Supply

Electronic, flicker-free 110V-250V Power Supply.

Mains power Powercon socket for mechanical Dowser dimming accessory.


    • Ideal for dramatic highlights and pattern projections on stage or the studio, and for architectural lighting.
    • Large range of beam angles with choice of 5.5°-13°, 12°-28°, 14°-35°, 23°-50° and 45°-75° Zoomspots and 5°HE, 20°, 30°, 40°, 50° and 90° Fixed Beams.


    • Heat management system delivers cooler, 'whiter' beam, cool operating controls even after hours of use and a cooler gate allowing the use of glass and dichroic patterns.
    • Base down lamp positioned axially in reflector optimises light collection while ensuring a low cost of ownership through reduced maintenance.
    • Two pattern mounting slots, 360° rotatable lens barrel, large rear grab handle, accessory and safety anchor points are only some of the many operational features of the range.


    • Safe to use, cool operating controls; automatic disconnection of the mains power supply before relamping. CE marked.

    Colour Media

    • The use of standard colour media in the Pacific MSR is not possible.
    • The heat of the beam is cool but the variable focus of the zoomspot may result in a secondary focal point at the colour runners. It is the focus point of the intense energy produced by the 575 watt MSR lamp that prohibits the use of standard colour media at certain beam angles, coloured or dichroic glass filters are recommended.
    • When used with the Pacific Dowser accessory acceptable life of plastic colour filters is achieved.

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