When combined with a 575W MSR light source the Pacific offers lighting designers a powerful tool providing variable beam angles, beam shaping, low glare, projection and movement.

Delivering unmatched performance from any of the Pacific range, the MSR power system comprises the universal electronic flicker-free power supply and a choice of lamp modules with integral ignitor and optional extension cable from head to power supply (5m/16 1/2ft).

This 5600K light source in the Pacific, fitted with MSR Hot Restrike module and dowser, delivers high light output for entertainment lighting. The standard 575W MSR/2 and 575W MSD lamps provide the solution for accurate long throw architectural lighting applications.

The power of the Pacific MSR allows projection over distances previously unobtainable with a standard profile.

The Pacific MSR can be ordered as a complete luminaire or the lamp module can be ordered separately and fitted to existing Pacific fittings.

Important note: The electronic power supply for Pacific MSRs must NOT be powered from a dimmer output, a non-dim circuit is required.

Should you wish to dim your MSR luminaires you will need the Selecon Pacific Dowser which has been specifically designed for this purpose.

To add additional impact to the lighting of their world famous bridges (Bir Hakeim above) which span the Seine River, the City of Paris chose Selecon CDM and MSR luminaires. Housed in custom enclosures mounted discreetly along the banks of the river, the exact control of the light beam ensures only the bridge details are lit without distracting and potentially dangerous glare.

The Selecon MSR discharge arc ellipsoidals were perfect for their wide spread with the added control of an excellent profile unit to keep the light off the doors.  They were wide enough to give the simple clean light that the director and I both wanted and the dimmer shutters could cope with the most subtle of Handel opera fades. The crew was impressed with the units and happy to add them to their stock.

Rick Fisher, Lighting Designer for Radamisto, Sante Fe Opera 2008

Pacific MSRs light nation's crest at Australia's Parliament House in Canberra.

The Selecon difference

Powerful Beam from Compact-Sized Luminaire


Low cost of ownership thanks to Selecon's Active Heat Management System.