Dimming response is similar to that of dimming a tungsten halogen lamp using a phase control dimmer


Use of Colour Filters with the Pacific MSR and Dowser
The Selecon Pacific MSR range with the Dowser accessory is quickly becoming a favourite, delivering high light output in a quality profile beam.The output of the Pacific MSR is VERY efficient, comparing favourably to that from a 2.5kW MSR profile from other manufacturers. 
The Pacific is also a very compact sized luminaire. All of this means that the operation of colour filters and colour scrollers has to be managed carefully. To ensure useful life colour extenders may have to be added to the front of the lens tube, below are notes for each Pacific optical system for your guidance.
Please note actual life will depend on the type of filter you use, colour, dowser intensity setting and the lamp peak / flat distribution. We strongly recommend that the lamp distribution is adjusted to a flat setting to ensure best filter life.
The secondary energy focus which must be avoided if the filter is to survive depends on the beam angle, for Zoomspots this position therefore varies. Our suggestions provide a position that will avoid this damaging secondary focus for the specified zoom range. Selecon does not manufacture tube extenders. Companies such as City Theatrical have an extensive range.
Best filter position
Pacific 12°-28° & 14°-35° Zoomspots
100mm minimum in front of lens tube.
Pacific 23°-50° Zoomspot
300mm in front of lens tube.
Pacific 5.5°-13° Zoomspot
100mm minimum in front of lens tube. Operates effectively in standard position for narrow angles.
Pacific 90° Fixed Beam 
Fine in normal position.
Pacific 20° Fixed Beam
Fine in normal position.
Pacific 30° Fixed Beam
200mm in front lens tube.
Pacific 40° Fixed Beam
100mm minimum in front lens tube.
Pacific 50° Fixed Beam 
Fine in normal position.
Weight 8.2kg without the luminaire.
Dimming response Download the Tech Note (.pdf 8kb) on using Console Dimmer Curve Profiles to obtain smoothest fade performance.
Using the 'square' dimmer output provides a virtually absolutely smooth fade in the range of +1 - 4 seconds, the time range in which currrently some fader movement can be seen when using the standard dimmer curve output.

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