Modular Design Fits Any Pacific

Visually smooth and precise fade to black.

Same control and set-up as for most moving lights.

One mains power supply only required.


Dowser mounts 'within' the luminaire so other accessories such as colour scrollers and animation wheels can be fitted to the front of the luminaire.

Use of pattern rotators is unaffected.


    • Visually smooth fade to black out of high output, high colour temperature light sources such as 575W MSR Hot Re-Strike, MSR 575/2, MSD & CDM.
    • Industry standard DMX control signal. Test and stand alone operation.
    • No light loss when dowser is open.
    • Universal power supply – 100V-250V.


    • Full output control of a discharge lamp, with a fade profile similar to that of a 2.0kW tungsten halogen lamp.
    • Close - slowest speed set by the control console.
      Note: the Pacific Dowser is not designed for repeated fast strobe type action.
    • Push button channel address, as for moving lights.
    • Stand alone operation with local level control - no DMX console required.
    • LED brightness user selectable - On / Low / Off.
    • DMX status  monitor LED (green).
    • DMX termination switch.


    • No fans used – quiet operation.
    • Accessories (scrollers, animation wheels) can be fitted to the luminaire unimpeded by the dowser.
    • Modular unit, fits onto any Pacific lamp house, use with all Pacific Zoom lens systems (5.5°-13°, 7.5°-19°12°-28°, 14°-35°, 23°-50°, 45°-75°).
    • One mains power supply only required for each luminaire, power supply and Dowser as Pacific MSR Power Supply includes dowser main power outlet (Powercon).
    • Variable height yoke can be inverted for mounting on stands etc.
    • Easy to maintain, four screws to access slide out dowser / motor / pcb assembly.
    • The slide out modular design makes cleaning and maintenance simple.

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