A mechanical dimmer for discharge lamps (such as MSR/MSD and CDM) for use in the Pacific range

The unique modular design and advanced technology of the Pacific brings this powerful tool with in the reach of most. Combining high light output and a colour temperature of 3200K - 6000K discharge light sources are a highly desirable addition to the lighting designer's tool kit. Until the advent of the Pacific ellipsoidal range and now, the Pacific Dowser, useage has been limited due to the high cost.

Dimming response is similar to that of dimming a tungsten halogen lamp using a phase control dimmer.

The Pacific Dowser simply slots into the front of the Pacific lamp house and then the desired lens system is mounted onto the dowser.

As the dowser is mounted 'within' the luminaire other accessories such as colour scrollers and animation wheels can be fitted to the front of the luminaire.

Use of pattern rotators is unaffected.


Pacific CDMs with Dowser solution for the Washington National Cathedral in USA

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The 7x Pacific 23º-50º MSR 575-HR Zoomspots fitted with Pacific Dowsers worked perfectly as low sidelights - the wide zoom range allowed us to tailor the beam spread for each shot. It made a great contribution to our show.

Jules Fisher and Peggy Eisenhauer, Lighting Designers, NY, USA

Chita Rivera: The Dancer's Life.

The Selecon difference

Smooth Fade, Quiet Operation

The Pacific Dowser’s dimming action is smooth, quiet and reliable.