Benefits of 80V Low Voltage

Pure white light.

Proven energy reduction.

Smaller luminaires with more light
- Pacific ellipsoidal profiles and the Rama 175 High Performance Fresnel.

Mix & Match Optical Systems

TWELVE optical systems designed to meet both the longest and shortest throw distances and everywhere in between!

5HE, 20,30,40,50,90 Fixed Beams and 5.5-13, 7.5-19, 12-28, 14-35, 23-50, 45-75 Zoomspots.


    • Luminaires that deliver brighter, whiter beam, colours are more vibrant, contrasts are enhanced.
    • Energy reduction of up to 50% as the 1200W 80V lamp delivers the output of traditional mains voltage 2.5kW / 2.0kW profile in the Pacific range while the Rama 175 High Performance Fresnel delivers a beam with the appearance of a 2000W Fresnel.
    • More luminaires can be mounted on the lighting bar, safer to use, as 80V luminaires are significantly smaller and lighter than 2.5 / 2.0 kW luminaires.
    • DMX Direct model saves rigging time and removes the need for separate dimmers as it fits into existing moving light distribution systems.


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