High Quality White Finish

High-heat white paint finish which will not discolour over time complete with white cable, white focus knob and white colour filter holder accessory.

Internal black finish ensures best beam control.

Beam Shaping

Shape or mask the light beam using the 4-leaf barndoor; a necessary tool for effective and creative stage lighting. Barndoor masking blades are white on the outside and black on the inside surface.


    • Useful throw distances : 2-10m.
    • Adjustable beam angle range of 6º to 60º.
    • Aluminium extrusion and precision die-casting construction give strength and style.


    • Simply slide the focus knob to the beam angle you require. Quick, easy and convenient - a task achieved in seconds without the use of tools.
    • Unique posi-slide lamp / lens focus action and spring dampening design minimises sticking and vibration, maximising lamp life.
    • Effectively shape / mask the flood to medium spot beam using the four-flap barndoor accessory.


    • Easy to maintain and clean, thanks to Selecon’s unique side opening lamp tray allowing access to the lamp and reflector.
    • Failed lamps are removed quickly and safely via the quick release ejector mechanism.
    • Large rear grab handle assists with focusing; handy cable (1m/3ft) wrap for safe and tidy storage.
    • Adjustable yoke balance point to achieve and ensure a stable mounting position.


    • Automatic mains power disconnection via microswitch when the side swing-down door is unlatched for lamp, cleaning or maintenance access.
    • Safe replacement of the lamp without altering the focus position.

    Supplied with

    • 1x colour frame, 1x fitted safety cable, M12 nut and bolt set, 1m/3ft cable and a short form instruction manual.
    • Three-year Warranty.

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