Huis deliver window backing and green screens lighting at the Convent of the Sacred Heart

07 September 2008,

Project Manager Tim Maloy of PRG Lighting recently supplied Selecon Huis to the Convent of the Sacred Heart School where they were used for window backings and for lighting up a green screen for which he received this note from a grateful teacher....

Dear Tim,

Thank you so much for the spectacular work that you did to set up the green screen and lighting for our school studio. As you could see from the students who saw the new setup in the afternoon, the girls are very excited and appreciative of this very generous gift. I really appreciate the time that you and the Purchase students took to make this possible for our students. We are greatly looking forward to your training in September.
Again, many, many thanks for your hard work, generosity, and professionalism. We are so grateful to you!

Nice work!