Pacific MSRs and Dowsers handle Handel in Sante Fe!

05 September 2008,

Rick Fisher, renowned international lighting designer recently took up the challenge of lighting one of Handel’s rarely-heard works for the Sante Fe Opera’s 2008 season. Radamisto is a musico-military spectacular that also celebrates the power of fidelity in marriage and is the Italian opera that inaugurated Handel’s tenure at the Royal Academy of music in 1720.

Rick was delighted with the Selecon Pacific Zoomspots that, when coupled with the MSR light source and dowser accessory delivered “simple clean beautiful light that dimmed in keeping with Handel's music!”

Knowing the director, David Alden's love of low angle lighting and HMI colour temperature, the Selecon Pacific MSR fixtures were a neat solution for the narrow slot doors at Santa Fe's Opera House covering the large moveable walls with a single source.

“The Selecon MSR discharge arc ellipsoidals were perfect for their wide spread with the added control of an excellent profile unit to keep the light off the doors.  They were wide enough to give the simple clean light that the director and I both wanted and the dimmer shutters could cope with the most subtle of Handel opera fades. The crew was impressed with the units and happy to add them to their stock.”  

Rick advises that he has also now added Pacific MSRs to his lighting design rig for the Broadway season of Billy Elliot, the Musical which opens this October.