Night Vision at the National Museum of Australia


Norman Korte from Sound Advice, Selecon's dealer in ACT, Australia, took up the challenge to manufacture exterior enclosures for the Pacific for the new National Museum of Australia in Canberra . Pole mounted in a galvanised finish, the design features 90 degree tilt range to enable the units to focused anywhere on the 30 metre high loop in the forecourt.

The housing consists of a base plate that has integral bolts which match slots in the pole's top plate, allowing swivel or pan control once the unit is mounted. All control gear is mounted on the base plate which also houses a high temperature high cycle fan drawing air into the unit.

The Pacific is mounted standing on its yoke onto the base plate and can be focused over the 90 degree tilt range. The cover which has punched and stamped vents in the rear (protected with fine grille, to take care of a Bogong Moth problem) has a slot in the curved fascia into which a perspex window using high temperature silicon was glued.