A Not Too 'Complex' Solution for Melbourne Central


Melbourne Central has quite a few surprises up its sleeve, including the innovative new 3on3 complex; the latest instalment from leading entertainment developer EDG. Located on level 3 of the Centre, 3on3 is a complete entertainment venue that incorporates Kingpin Bowling centre, Barcode Game Bar and the Van Gogh Vodka bar. But what separates this location from your typical bowling alley and games venue, is the atmosphere. From the LCD screens playing music video clips above the lanes, to the funky and comfortable decor scattered around the place; you feel more like you have stumbled into some Hollywood star's lounge room rather than a commercial entertainment venue.

A major contributor to the overall ambience of the place is the stunning lighting effects. Andrew Livingston, lighting designer of Bluebottle 3 Pty Ltd, was able to incorporate the necessary branding elements that EDG put into all their venues, with slick, colourful and unique effect and decorative lighting.

"Having several different venues on site, we wanted to make sure they all looked different but still complimented each other. We also wanted the venue to be constantly moving with different looks or moods. Some of the changes are subtler than others, but over the course of a day, the entire venue has several different feels to it."

Lightmoves of Melbourne supplied all of the dimming, lighting control, gobo projection, effect and decorative lighting through-out the venue, including forty-one Aureol BeamShapers which are used for their gobo projection capabilities in a variety of applications, including the lane numbers in the bowling lanes and a number of logo projections for both the Van Gogh Bar and Barcode.

A further 90 Aureol BeamSpots, with the optional snoot for beam control, are scattered around the complex providing general spot lighting.


Client Melbourne Central
Lihgting Designer Andrew Livingston - Bluebottle Pty Ltd
Dealer Lightmoves

Products used

41 x Aureol 26°-50° BeamShaper

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