Pacific CDMs important design feature for Kohler Design Centre


Steven L. Klein, LC of Klein Howard Lighting tells how Selecon Pacific luminaires got to the Design Center in Kohler, Wisconsin, USA, an icon of American design and manufacturing prowess.

"My company was commissioned to the task of re-lighting the Design Center at Kohler, WI. The Design Center is the public's view of the Kohler Company's products, culture, and heritage with a museum, theater, product vignettes, and full scale kitchen and bathroom sets, featuring the work of prominent interior designers from around the world integrating Kohler Co. products in their proper context.

The Design Center's existing display lighting consisted of incandescent quartz sources. Over time, and through neglect, the accent lighting fixtures began to overlap, making layers of accent lighting look more like ambient illumination.

One of the objectives of the lighting design, was to seriously shed electrical load in order to save energy and to lighten the load on the air-conditioning system.

I ear-marked the Pacific CDM fixture to replace existing 750W quartz framing projectors lighting the tubs on the mezzanine level. At the meeting, with the fixture in hand, I only had to show it to them, and Kohler agreed to purchase a bunch of them based solely on appearance. Understand that the people seeing the fixture were themselves industrial designers, and the fixture sold itself, without ever having to plug it in.

The end result renders the tubs so they appear self-luminous, each uniquely separated and floating on the honey colored wood decking. The fixtures get only warm to the touch after hours of operation.

The Pacifics are part of the larger scheme, but they play an important role: we shed 10,200 watts to get to an unexpectedly high level of performance. Kohler's marketing theme, "The Bold New Look of Kohler", was also echoed, as the Pacific units in natural cast and black are visually stunning, and consistent with the Design Center and Kohler's philosophy on style in merchandising display."



Client Kohler Design Centre
Lighting Designer Steven L. Klein, LC of Klein Howard Lighting

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