Pacific CDMs and MSRs delivers long-term exterior solution for Parisian bridges

With a little protection from the weather the Pacific range provides an economic solution to demanding exterior lighting applications.

In 2000 the City of Paris installed a combination of over 90x Pacific CDM and MSR luminaires with the intention of adding impact to the lighting of their world famous bridges which span the Seine River.

Several years on this lighting project continues to delight both Parisians and tourists alike while providing little in the way of maintenance work to the city.

Housed in custom enclosures mounted discreetly along the banks of the River, the exact control of the light beam ensures only the bridge details are lit without distracting and potentially dangerous glare every single night of the year.

The Pacific's unique base-down axial design and heat management system removes the vulnerable lamp, socket and wiring from the heat exhaust, thereby minimising maintenance costs.