Harrods design team 'texture' with Pacific 90s

With a 90° beam angle the Pacific 90 Fixed Beam is a super wide pattern projector ideal for short throw applications and where a large area is to be covered with 'textured' pattern projections.

With these unique advantages it is no wonder that leading designers around the world are making good use of them. The Artistic Design Team of Harrods, the London based retailer have a well-founded reputation for being at the cutting edge of retail display. The above display in the Brompton Road windows of their Knightsbridge flagship store continued this proud reputation with a display featuring flying mannequins. These 'travel' against gauze sky cloths lit and 'textured' by Pacific 90° luminaires.

The Pacific 90° Fixed Beam is available with the CDM or 575W MSR / MSD arc light source as well as tungsten halogen lamps.