Selecon luminaires direct focus onto exhibits at Bunjilaka

Bunjilaka is the Aboriginal Centre within the Melbourne Museum in Australia and it incorporates:

  • Jumbunna Gallery including a temporary exhibition space for travelling and community exhibitions.
  • Kalaya performance and activity space inside the centre.
  • Milarri is an outdoor garden with watercourses, and rock escarpments planted with Australian native flora that are significant to Aboriginal people of south eastern Australia. This area is an exciting place for public programs and functions.


    Jumbunna Gallery is lit almost exclusively with Aureol and Selecon theatrical fittings, designed and commissioned by local company bluebottle 3 pty ltd working with exhibition designers by David Lancashire Design. The gallery is enriched with colour, integrating light with images by using gobos derived from the exhibits themselves.

    Andrew Livingston of bb3 comments: "The use of Aureol and Selecon theatrical fittings allowed us to achieve a high level of lighting control creating an intimate feeling within a large gallery. This has allowed the exhibits to become the real focus of the gallery."

    The end product is a 'living cultural centre' where Aboriginal community people will practice, present and explain their culture.