More on Cyc/Flood Reflectors

The performance of Cyc or Flood luminaires is dictated by the reflector design and the lamp you choose to use in it.

The reflector specifications to ensure a controlled beam which is visually reflector2.JPGeven with minimal light scatter outside the beam is very demanding.

Traditionally these luminaires use reflectors formed or pressed from aluminium sheet. After manufacture the sheet material is typically coiled  for storage and transportation. As a result this material develops a 'memory' which will affect how it reacts both during processing to manufacture the reflector and under the stress imposed from the heat generated by the lamp. The subsequent movement and deformation typical of these reflectors alters the performance of the reflector and makes repeatable performance luminaire to luminaire, a prerequisite for even coverage across the cyc cloth, difficult to achieve.

reflector.JPGSelecon has pioneered the use of extruded aluminium reflectors for entertainment flood luminaires. The precision available with extruded components ensures repeatable performance from one luminaire to the next.

Exploiting the composite design possibilities of extrusion allows  for integrated air exhaust slots through which the heat is exhausted away from the lamp, the lamp sockets and colour filter.

Your choice of lamp can dramatically alter the performance of your cyc / flood. Always use a lamp from a recognised major lamp manufacturer this will help ensure the lamp standard tolerances around which the reflector design has been designed are met.