Pacifics in Exterior Locations

Banner image: The Lion de Belfort, Paris lit with Pacific luminaires. Lighting design for the installation and photo courtesy of Panavision Lumiere, Paris, France.

Weatherproof Enclosure Information

The Philips Selecon Pacific is well suited for the precise lighting of external displays, monuments and buildings however architects and designers must provide protection to the luminaire from the weather. A waterproof enclosure is not necessary, rather protection from direct weather conditions and environmental dust and dirt only is required with good airflow to remove heat and any moisture condensation.

The "inert" nature (aluminium and plastics) of the Pacific provide a high resistance to degradation from typical external conditions. Designers are thus free to provide protective enclosures, which integrate into their design environment.

Airflow -

Either convection airflow or fan assisted to ensure the extraction of atmospheric moisture is required. The more air that can be moved over the fitting the better. It is important to have air enter the housing below the fixture and be removed above it making use of natural convection.

All fan and air portals must be protected to prevent entry of foreign bodies into the enclosure (i.e. insects, leaves etc.)

Glands -

All wiring passing into the enclosure must be protected with rubber or plastic glands to ensure no water entry. Position the glands to ensure minimal direct water contact.

Conceptual Housing -

icon-pdf.gifThis PDF file is a combination of tested design and our knowledge.

It is important to note that this drawing is offered as a guide only.


Finding the Royal National Theatre, London made easy!


When the Royal National Theatre, London wanted to project their name on their iconic South Bank home they turned to the Selecon Pacific range using the 575W MSR light source.

Utilising a Pacific 23°-50° MSR Zoomspot the pattern projection is precise and powerful enough to cut through the washlights on the south side of the theatre in dramatic style.

Housed in a simple custom enclosure this project joins the many others around the world where Pacific luminaires are used for external lighting projects such as......


Night Vision at the National Museum of Australia

Norman Korte from Sound Advice, Selecon's dealer in ACT, Australia, took up the challenge to manufacture exterior enclosures for the Pacific for the National Museum of Australia in Canberra. Pole mounted in a galvanised finish, the design features 90° tilt range to enable the units to focused anywhere on the 30 metre high loop in the forecourt.

The housing consists of a base plate that has integral bolts which match slots in the pole's top plate, allowing swivel or pan control once the unit is mounted. All control gear is mounted on the base plate which also houses a high temperature high cycle fan drawing air into the unit.


The Pacific is mounted standing on its yoke onto the base plate and can be focused over the 90° tilt range. The cover which has punched and stamped vents in the rear (protected with fine grille, to take care of a Bogong Moth problem) has a slot in the curved fascia into which a perspex window using high temperature silicon was glued.

Steve Brown of Vision Design Studio was also delighted with the result: "There were a number of features which impressed us. Not only did we have up to 90 degree tilt and effectively 360° rotation, the design of the housings provided excellent glare control. In addition, the curved window means that the perspex is self-cleaning."

Photos: courtesy of Norman Korte / Steve Nano


Lights Across the Seine

To add additional impact to the lighting of their world famous bridges which span the Seine River, the City of Paris installed a combination of over 90 Pacific CDM and MSR luminaires in 1998.

Housed in custom enclosures mounted discreetly along the banks of the River, the exact control of the light beam ensures only the bridge details are lit without distracting and potentially dangerous glare.

Several years on this lighting project continues to delight both Parisians and tourists alike while providing little in the way of maintenance work to the city.

The Pacific's unique base-down axial design and heat management system removes the vulnerable lamp, socket and wiring from the heat exhaust, thereby minimising maintenance costs.

Selecon in the Snow


Pacific 90° Fixed Beams provide high level luxillag_studio.jpgillumination to an outdoor Belgium television studio. Housed in custom built enclosures made by Luxillag, Selecon's Belgian distributor, each box contains a luminaire with the IP65 magnetic ballast underneath.

Photo: courtesy of Gianfranco Galli, Luxillag.