Selecon Innovation

The passion which was responsible for the formation of Philips Selecon continues to this day, along with the commitment every day to work towards providing better tools for our colleagues with which to light the stages, museums and galleries of the world.

A short form history of innovations as developed by Philips Selecon:


PL1 LED Spot - Precise Focus. Pure Light.
A revolutionary breakthrough in display lighting the PL1 is the first light source that delivers full control of the beam colour composition regardless of intensity. Drawing on technology and specific insight, nurtured and developed, withing the Philips Entertainment group the PL1 LED luminaire meets the everyday challenges of illuminating the world's museums, art galleries and stages. A lighting instrument that extends the creative possibilities with light while significantly reducing the impact of our activities on the environment.

Fully tunable high output LED light engine supporting colour temperatures from 3000K to 5600K and full colour mixing with a maximum output similar to that of a 70 watt metal halide powered luminaire.


PL3 LED Washlight - Extending the creative opportunities of light.

The PL3 LED Luminaire delivers clean, colour balanced whites for stage, television and film production along with a range of beautiful colours including subtle tints perfect for any entertainment application guaranteed to delight and meet the needs of lighting directors and designers everywhere. The long life of the LED engines reduces maintenance cost dramatically and when combined with the energy savings they deliver you will quickly see the total cost of ownership benefits.

This powerful variable beam (15°–55°) wash luminaire delivers light levels in 'warm tungsten white' similar to that of a 1.2kW Fresnel and at higher colour temperatures considerably more, all with a power consumption of only 400 watts.

Motorised beam control speeds up focus sessions with the convenience of remote control from the console.

From subtle tints to strident saturated colours the colour mixing capability of the PL3 LED is complemented by three 'white' presets (Warm White, Cool White, Daylight) to assist with matching to existing light sources.


As well as these ground-breaking LED luminaires 2010 also saw the release mid-year of the SPX range of fixed beams and zoomspots which represents a fresh new look at the ellipsoidal profile and has been developed to meet the evolving needs of 21st century entertainment lighting practice. Outstanding in its class with many new and innovative features SPX retainsthe intuitive controls, beam angles and appearance that you're familiar with so there's no need to re-learn your craft.

Available in 15°-35° and 25°-50° Zoomspot and 14°, 19°, 26°, 36° and 50° Fixed Beam models the SPX is the first ERS to fully exploit the output and successfully deal with the high heat associated with the latest generation compact filament 800W lamps.

SPX delivers more light for your stage (up to 63% more than current industry benchmarks) which allows you to consider energy saving options such as the use of a lower wattage lamp or through using SPX at lower dimmer levels (less power). The combination of this optical reflector design with premium optical lenses (supplied as standard) provides a crisp white light with no pinkish hues or other colour cast delivering both high definition pattern projection as well as the colour results you deserve from your filter selections.



This year Philips Selecon introduced the Selecon Display Profile; a sophisticated lighting instrument of timeless appeal with accurate beam shaping, two beam angles ranges, 15°-35° and 25°-50°, and precision projection optics.

Pattern, dichroic, glass and plastic filters enable the use of imagery, logos, texture, colour, depth and shape through light for your lighting creations.

Designed around our core principles of precision, performance, simplicity and safety, the Selecon Display Profile combines high light output and superb beam quality with the capability to manage, record and maintain design specifications, control and consistency.

Flip the hood on the Display Profile to reveal a feature packed interior, which delivers theatrical effect and functionality to museums, galleries and commercial interior spaces.

GOLD AWARD: 2009 Best Design Awards Designers Institute of New Zealand



80V DMX Direct Power Supply which removes the need for a separate dimmer. The Power Supply fits into the standard industry mains power control distribution systems as used for moving lights.

Compatible with the full range of Pacific range optical systems and in another new development, also with the Rama 175 High Performance Fresnel.

Energy reduction of up to 50% as the 1200W 80V lamp delivers the output of traditional mains voltage 2.5kW / 2.0kW profile in the Pacific range while the Rama 175 High Performance Fresnel delivers a beam with the appearance of a 2000W Fresnel.


The Wing range of Wall Washer Floods

One solution, multiple choice. Designed to create a wider and more even wash of light just where you want it. Standardise settings and maintain beam angles with the precision pan and tilt allen screw lock off functionality.

The first range of Wall Washers designed to offer not only unmatched performance in even wall washing but an extensive range of light sources to meet the energy; colour rendering; life hours and cost requirements of diverse projects.



Selecon's innovative use of new materials in the re-modelled Acclaim Fresnel and Acclaim PC range isolates the considerable heat generated by the lamp from the electrical components and the areas used when focusing; introducing an improved standard of operator ease and safety.

Other new design solutions for this range include:

  • Integrated safety bond

  • Improved filter life through increased airflow across the filter

  • The same dependability and low maintenance delivered by all Selecon luminaires, the safety microswitch and electrical terminal connections are isolated from the heat to maximise component life

  • Little light leak around the filter holder

  • CE marked for use by all, not just professionals


Form and function commended by the Association of British Theatre Technicians, 2007:

"It was again very impressive to see Selecon continuing to develop and improve their product lines with the introduction of the third instrument in their Performer Series Followspot range, the long throw 4º-8º Toru; and also the updated Acclaim 650W Fresnel. The Association wishes to commend Selecon for their commitment to the improvement of both the function and efficiency of their luminaires and are heartened to see a manufacturer persisting with a long term commitment to such a development programme."


Selecon announce that from the 1st June 2007 (November 2006 for North America) all entertainment luminaires are being shipped with safety bonds, either fitted or integrated.

A mandatory rigging requirement in many countries and standard practise in most, the inclusion of the safety bond accessory with all luminaires is yet another step towards Selecon's continuing commitment to meet and anticipate the increasing demands of health and safety regimes around the world.

The safety of every single person who handles a Selecon luminaire, regardless of whether they are a ‘professional' or a volunteer or a teacher or a student, is as important to us as it is to them which is why Selecon has always maintained a solid commitment to product safety initiatives and support information designed to encourage the safe and continued practise of stage lighting throughout our community.

Selecon product safety features address what should be a global concern for the well-being of all who work in our industry as the burns and resulting accidents that can occur from a lamp coming on when being fitted into the luminaire pose real dangers especially if you're at the top of a ladder!

We present more on our point of view regarding this issue at:



Performer Series Followspots - setting a new benchmark in performance with 3 times as much light as comparative 1200W/2500W MSR units with a new level of operator comfort and control.

One integrated unit powered from a domestic socket – with built in electronic power supply (universal voltage 100 – 250V); integrated 6-colour changer, supplied with tripod stand and lamp.




Fast Focus Technology for presetting fixed luminaires when rigging, saving on valuable time during the focus session, introduced with the Rama Fresnel & PC range.




Rama Fresnel & PC range, a cooler luminaire for the operator to use, engineering plastics isolate the heat, includes the safety bond as part of the unit, a mandatory accessory in most countries.




Pacific 45°–75° Zoomspot, the world’s widest zoom ellipsoidal profile.

ETS-LDI04 Lighting/Entertainment Product of the Year:
"The latest in a unique and innovative series of stage ellipsoidals, Selecon’s Pacific 45°–75° provides the beam width of a Fresnel with unmatched pattern projection capabilities. Available in both tungsten and metal halide versions, this fixture is an excellent addition to what is already an internationally recognized product line.”



Pacific 5° High Efficiency Fixed Beam, an all glass lens narrow beam optical system which delivers unmatched light output, pattern projection and ease of operation in a narrow angle long throw luminaire.


Hui / Lui range of Cyc, Flood and Groundrow - delivering unmatched performance with improved filter life from  200W – 1000W light sources in a compact size luminaire.

Eddy Award winner in 2005.




Pacific Dowser, a mechanical dimmer for controlling the output of discharge lamps, mounts into the Pacific lamp house without alteration to the base luminaire.






80V Lower Voltage Power System for Pacific range.

The output of a 2.0/2.5kW traditional profile from a luminaire less than half the size and weight using half the energy.




High temperature white paint finish which significantly improves the stability and longevity of white paint finish on stage luminaires.





Pacific 5.5°–13° Very Narrow Zoomspot, the world’s narrowest zoom profile.




575W Hot Restrike MSR light source introduced to the Pacific range.




Aureol range of 12V MR16 BeamSpots and BeamShapers bring theatre type control functions (colour filters, barndoors, snoots, diffusion, profile beam spot) to the specialised display lighting market.





Pacific 90° Fixed Beam – the world’s first widest ellipsoidal profile fixed beam.




Acclaim Axial Zoomspot introduces hot mirror technology to 500W / 650W luminaires.

Also available in heat-resistant white finish.




Pacific – the world’s first base down ellipsoidal profile, a platform product with interchangeable light sources (mains voltage tungsten halogen, 575W MSR, 70W/150W CDM) and optical systems.

The Active Heat Management design ensures low cost of ownership now proved in thousands of installations around the world, and the lowest gate temperature, so low you can use DIY plastic image projections.



Aurora range of 1.0/1.2kW Cyc, Flood & Groundrow set a new standard in beam control and output, allowing positioning of the cyc lights closer to the cloth. Pioneered the first dual chamber design to manage heat removal thereby increasing filter life.




Acclaim range of 500W/650W Fresnel, PC and Zoomspot, brought professional luminaire features to the educational market and smaller theatre.

The first sub-kilowatt range to include automatic disconnection of the mains power supply when opened for relamping / maintenance, a standard feature on all subsequent Selecon entertainment luminaires.



Arena range of 2.0/2.5kW luminaire: 3 x Zoomspots, High Performance & Theatre Fresnels and a PC.



1200PC, High Performance PC with custom lens, like a profile beam with 114 Hamburg Frost – ‘world leader in beam quality’ – Francis Reid.




1200 range introduced including High Performance Fresnel delivering 55% more light than the industry benchmarks.

Comprehensive range of Zoomspots, offer the first pattern holder adjustable in the gate of the luminaire to speed up and simplify image alignment on stage.




New stars 500W/650W range of Zoomspots, Fresnels and PCs.




Performer MSR Followspot, sets a new standard in light output for a MSR 1200W luminaire.




Selecon Reid, the precursor of Selecon manufacture their first Fresnel and Profile. The first stage luminaires to use Teflon as a slide surface to reduce jamming of the lamp /reflector assembly during focusing.