Luminaire Symbols / Technical Drawings / Visio Stencil

Due to the fact that some internet browsers have difficulty identifying .dwg files we have zipped our .dwg files for downloading purposes.

Philips Selecon Luminaire Symbols (in zipped .dwg format)

Pacific range     Acclaim range
Rama range     Arena range
Hui & Lui ranges     Aurora range
Performer range      

Philips Selecon Luminaire Technical Drawings (in zipped .dwg format)

WING LED Wall Washers      
Selecon Display Profile      
Acclaim Fresnel     Acclaim PC
Acclaim Axial Zoomspot      
Arena PC G22 2kW     Arena Theatre Fresnel 2kW
Hui/Lui single     Hui/Lui 3-way
Hui/Lui 4-way      
Aurora Cyc/Groundrow      
Pacific 5° HE Fixed Beam     Pacific 5.5°-13° Zoomspot
Pacific 12°-28° Zoomspot     Pacific 14°-35° Zoomspot
Pacific 23°-50° Zoomspot     Pacific 45°-75° Zoomspot
Pacific 90° Fixed Beam     Pacific 80V Power Supply
Pacific 5° HE Fixed Beam 80V     Pacific 5.5°-13° Zoomspot 80V
Pacific 12°-28° Zoomspot 80V     Pacific 14°-35° Zoomspot 80V
Pacific 23°-50° Zoomspot 80V     Pacific 45°-75° Zoomspot 80V
Pacific 90° Fixed Beam 80V     Pacific Dowser
Pacific MSR Ballast Box     Pacific Followspot
Tahi Followspot     Rua Followspot
Toru Followspot      
SPX 15°-35° Zoomspot     SPX 25°-50° Zoomspot
SPX 14° Fixed Beam     SPX 19° Fixed Beam
SPX 26° Fixed Beam     SPX 36° Fixed Beam
SPX 50° Fixed Beam      

Selecon Visio Stencil (367kb) - Philips Selecon Luminaire Visio Stencil (in zipped .vss format)