Superior Beam Coverage and Control

The photographs that follow illustrate the superior beam coverage and control of the Aurora Cyc.

Taken at the Maidment Theatre, University of Auckland, NZ on a 7m high cyc cloth, the photos show the Aurora Cyc and two other cyc lights, one a seventies designed studio cyc light; the other, another commonly used theatre/studio cyc light.

All three luminaires were mounted at the same position on the same lighting bar, with Rosco Supergel 26 and fitted with 1250W lamps.


Above: Selecon Aurora Cyc - controlled beam falling off evenly to the sides and floor to allow for ease of mixing with adjacent units and groundrow.
Above: Studio type cyc light - uncontrolled spill of light over the stage floor.
Above: Beam blob from a competitive product covering a limited area of the top of the cloth only.