Introducing the Pacific Range

A revolutionary concept in luminaire design consisting of the the 5° High Efficiency, 20°, 30°, 40°, 50° and 90° Fixed Beams and the 5.5°-13°, 7.5°-19°, 12°-28°, 14°-35°, 23°-50° and 45°-75° Zoomspots.

Innovative engineering and design combine with advanced manufacturing, optical, coating and lamp technologies to deliver a new generation of ellipsoidal profiles - advancing the art of stage lighting with a host of innovations, including lower votage light sources.


The Pacific features Selecon's unique base-down ellipsoidal design in a universal lamp house to which the wide range of optical systems (as per the list above) and light sources can be fitted.

Light source options range from the new industry-standard compact filament to the very latest in 80V lower voltage tungsten halogen lamps, MSR575/MSD575 and 70W/150W/250WCDM compact metal halide long life display lamps.

With the single lamphouse the Pacific is a truly universal profile, be it for a very short throw very wide angle (90°) beam with a long life lamp source for architectural applications (CDM) or for the longest arena throws using the Pacific 5.5°-13° Zoomspot with MSR or lower voltage tungsten light source.

Conceived from the beginning as a platform product, all the Pacific choices are delivered in purpose-designed modules not as an after thought "add on". As new light sources and optical systems become available they will be included as part of the Pacific range, future proofing your lighting installation !




The Active Heat Management System of the Pacific range exemplifies the innovative design of Selecon luminaires - exploiting the latest technology to deliver new standards in performance, superior operational features and lower cost of ownership.

How does it work?

The AHMS removes more of the heat from the light beam to deliver a cool beam of light on stage, while managing the heat away from the operational controls and critical components such as the lamp, wiring and cabling.

What are the advantages?

•  Cool operating controls (lens, focus knobs, lamp peak/flat adjustment, shutters) even after hours of continuous use.

•  A gate so cool you can use plastic images printed on transparency film with selected light sources.

•  Maintenance and downtime are slashed as the lamp socket and cabling are out of the heat exhaust.

•  Lower cost of ownership is guaranteed by Selecon's industry-leading three year warranty.


•  A unique and easy to use lamp adjustment mechanism allows complete control of the beam distribution. Constructed from aluminium press ure die castings and injection moulded Fortron plastic components which remain cool to touch.

•  The Pacific range offers such features as the interchangeable lenses between the Fixed Beams and the pacific 23°-50° Zoomspot.

•  A lens tube which is rotatable through 360°, dual pattern holder/ iris slots,and for maximum safety, automatic mains isolation on removal of the lamp module.

•  CE marked and ETL listed, the Pacific range offers ease of use and safety in a cool running luminaire.