Pacific Pattern & Image Projection

The combination of our cool gate and excellent optics has won the Pacific an international reputation as the pattern projector of choice.

The combination of reflector design, the latest in compact filament lamps and our lens designs ensure crisp, high contrast projections from all Pacifics.

Our Pacific 5.5°-13° and 7.5°-19° Very Narrow Zoomspots and Pacific 5° High Efficiency Fixed Beam both use glass, not plastic lens to ensure high definition projections.


The Pacific heat management system removes more heat out of the beam than comparative ellipsoidals and, as a result  patterns and other effects positioned within the luminaire are less stressed by heat.

Combined with the low heat transmission of the engineering plastic  that is used in the Pacific gate components, your patterns and such accessories are ensured a long life with less heat distortions affecting the quality of your projections.

Glass patterns perform well with all the Pacific light sources, including 80V 1200W and MSR. Indeed the Pacific gate temperature is so low it is the only ellipsoidal available in which you can use acetate images directly mounted in the gate.


Selecon has designed and manufactured special pattern holders for the Pacific and Acclaim ranges which use a spring steel clamp to hold the pattern around its diameter, avoiding point clamping which adds to the twisting and distortion under heat.

Our unique holder design provides for 70° of movement within the gate which allows the pattern to be aligned quickly and accurately on stage without the risk of burnt fingers.

Comparative pattern projections

These photos show the same pattern in a Pacific 14°-35°  (top) and a S4 15°-30° (bottom) with both units set to the best flat distribution that could be achieved.



Finding the Royal National Theatre!

natthe1.JPGWhen the Royal National Theatre, London wanted to project their name on their iconic South Bank home they turned to the Selecon Pacific range using the 575W MSR light source.

Utilising a Pacific 23-50 MSR Zoomspot the gobo projection is precise and powerful enough to cut through the washlights on the south side of the theatre in dramatic style.

Housed in a simple custom enclosure this project joins the many others around the world where Pacific luminaires are used for external lighting projects. These include the over 100 Pacifics lighting up major landmarks in Paris, several of the bridges across the Seine and the Lion de Belfort statue; the Hong Kong city light up and many others demonstrating the superior optical performance, versatility and low cost of ownership intrinsic to the design of the Pacific range.

High impact Pacific patterns illustrate the story of steel

Magna.jpgA visitor experience themed to Rotherham's (templeborough, UK) heritage as one of Europe's major centres for steel production - the centrepiece of Magna Science Adventure Centre is named The Big Melt.

A vivid evocation of the steel making process using the latest AV technology brought stunningly to light by designer Adam Grator. It's here that Selecon's Pacific profile lights are to be found, projecting sharp gobo images to enhance the presentation.

"I use photographic gobos to illustrate the story" explained Grator, "and chose the Pacifics for their throw. It's the first time I've used them, and this is a large space where the ambient light levels can be quite high. I found their resi\olution to be excellent."

That's an observation that's true of the whole installation, simple choices made with careful consideration to produce the perfect effect.

* - TM of Rosco Laboratories.