Light Distribution in the Ellipsoidal Beam


The capability to alter the light distribution over the ellipsoidal beam between a visual peak and flat is a very important requirement in ellipsoidal profile luminaires. A beam in peak distribution allows adjacent beams to be overlapped to create a visually even field. Flat distribution is essential for effective pattern image projection.

The Pacific range and Acclaim Zooms achieve this extremely well, not only an effective peak and flat but as importantly maintaining this distribution across the beam without dead or hot spots.

Key to achieving this is the combination of a finely tuned purpose-built reflector and the Selecon co-developed lamp filament structures found in the latest compact filament lamps. The HPL filament structure currently used by some was rejected as its very construction can not deliver the variation in light distribution we require.



As a result of this research and development the Pacific delivers a useful peak, ensuring you can overlap beams to create a visually even field without having to resort to diffusion and a flat field distribution for pattern projection.




The different filament designs employed in the tungsten halogen lamps available for the Pacific determine the type of beam distribution and range of peak / flat alteration that can be achieved.















Refer above graph: for a more traditional peak / flat range the GKV / GLC type lamps - 575/600W and 750/800W lamps are best.















Refer above graph: if you are more familiar with, and prefer European condenser optics or simply want a very bright full flat beam then the Blue Pinch 1000W lamp delivers a 'near condenser' like beam quality, as does the revolutionary 1200W 80V lamp/power system (220-240V markets only) and the MSR 575W light sources - spoilt for choice?

Thanks to the Selecon engineers' work on the design of second generation compact filament lamps combined with the effectiveness of the Pacific reflector you have a luminaire beam that can be altered to suit your requirements - peak or flat or anywhere in between !