Are you Switched On!

26 January 2006,

switchedon_large_2.jpgThe Selecon brand is synonymous with theatre lighting in Australia having been a major supplier to the schools / educational sectors for the past 30 years. Selecon has built an unchallenged reputation for safety, quality, ease of use, innovation and structuring a network of state dealers who are also dedicated to the advancement and investment in our industry’s future.

In an effort to help students and teachers get the most out of their theatrical endeavours and assist in the development of their abilities to understand and produce great stage lighting Selecon is producing a series of six wall posters on Lighting the Stage under the project name: “Switched On”.

With an emphasis on approach and technique rather than product, “Switched On” has been developed and written by eminent U.K. stage lighting educationalist and practitioner, Neil Fraser. The first poster “The Light Fantastic” is currently being distributed to drama teachers, HoDs, principals and technicians in Australia, the UK and New Zealand with the second, "Getting an Angle on Lighting" due out now.

All of Selecon’s distributors in Australia are actively participating in the “Switched On” campaign and Jesse Bird, Account Manager for Herkes Pro Lighting in Sydney reports that the campaign has been a huge success. “The Light Fantastic” has given Herkes’ sub-dealers an opportunity to drum up new business in the schools market and armed them with a handy marketing tool whilst at the same time, helping Herkes to build on their own direct relationships with schools throughout Sydney.

“The success of the posters campaign has been reflected in the fact that we have been asked to present a workshop on the 4th of November to the Independent Private Schools annual drama and music teachers’ conference with over 100 schools from around Australia being represented,” said Jesse.

This invitation came from Pat O’Shea, head drama/music teacher of exclusive private school Waverley College in the eastern suburbs of Sydney which has an entirely new drama complex purpose built for the school, totally fitted with Selecon product. “It’s great to see a company like Selecon helping drama and theatre students by giving them something that educates and inspires them about the theatre lighting environment,”he said.

The popularity of the initiative became apparent when Jesse and Garth Tanswell, the owner of Herkes went on a little road trip to visit their sub-dealers around NSW. Armed with a strategy to motivate them and promote the business benefits of the Switched On campaign Garth and Jesse also organised some workshop technical demonstrations of Selecon product.

To date Herkes has contacted every school in NSW about this promotion and have had a great response. The success of the campaign can be measured by the fact that over 700 posters have been distributed to schools by Herkes sub-dealers. Any schools that have not been contacted by their sub-dealers Jesse has gone to visit personally with positive feedback from all teachers concerned.

As Bill Pringle, who teaches theatre production at a number of different schools in Sydney said: “I have been working in the theatre industry for 30 years and any educational tool we can get to motivate the kids is a real bonus. It’s great to see Selecon taking the initiative to inform the schools about theatre lighting!”